Chef Melvin Boots Johnson


"Being a Chef is Not a Career, Its a Lifestyle"


Chef Melvin “Boots” Johnson has been at it for years. Perfecting his craft, creating new recipes and becoming a leader in the culinary world. Taught by his grandmother, Chef Boots has used his homegrown skills, coupled with the instructions from chefs he’s worked under, to create his signature style that encompasses Cajun/Creole, Southern, and contemporary styles of cooking.


The journey hasn’t been easy. It’s hard to stick to your roots in the ever-changing culinary world. Chef Boots has not only done that, but been a bit of a trendsetter in the process. He’s written menus and created recipes for some of the top restaurants in San Diego. At the young age of 30, Chef Boots was the proud owner of the first speakeasy style restaurant in the Historic Gaslamp District. Quite an achievement for a kid from inner city Los Angeles.


Eventually, Chef Boots made his way to Las Vegas with his Gourmet Food Truck in tow to try his luck.  Turns out, he was lured back into his first love: a standard restaurant kitchen. When he cooks, Chef Boots envisions how he grew up: A family at the table enjoying home cooked meals, using fresh ingredients without processed, packaged foods. Chef Boots strives to make a restaurant dining experience that brings back the feeling of home, hoping to inspire a diner to recreate their evening with their own families.


After 34 years in the kitchen, traveling the world, opening two restaurants, and eventually settling in one of the most exciting cities in the culinary world, Las Vegas Nevada.

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When you taste my food, you taste my heart! 

-Chef Boots



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